Urine Off Dog & Puppy Formula is the #1 Veterinarian recommended product for pet urine odour and stain removal. 

In the past, pet urine odour and stains were nearly impossible to eliminate. Now, with this travel-size bottle of Urine Off, you can permanently eliminate your pet’s urine odour and stains from virtually any surface, anywhere!  

Urine Off has been awarded USDA BioPreferred® designation as a USDA Certified Biobased Product.

 Urine Off is a revolutionary biotechnology product that eliminates urine odour and stains at the source, permanently. Urine Off uses a combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms and their enzymes to digest the uric acid crystals (which produce urine’s pungent aroma) as well as urea (the sticky substance in urine) and proteins (which promote pathogen growth).

Urine Off Dog & Puppy Formula 118ml

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