Why does your dog need a Pawise muzzle? It is an accessory that your dog has to have apart from its other needs, this is a very soft muzzle that will not bother your dog because of the nylon material it is made of and thus prevent it from biting or eating when you go for a walk in public places. You have to remember that the use of the muzzle is mandatory in means of transport such as the train, in addition to carrying your dog in its carrier. Main features of the muzzle for your dog: - Ideal for use in short periods where you need extra security such as a visit to the vet. - Comfortable Pawise nylon muzzle for your dog. - Available in various sizes. - With velcro flap. - Fits to size. - Durable. Do not use the Pawise nylon muzzle for long periods of time, or during your dog's exercise.


XS - Neck strap: 12-31 cm Muzzle Circumference: 14-18 cm

S - Neck strap: 18-44 cm Muzzle Circumference: 14-22 cm

M - Neck Strap: 22-38 cm Muzzle Circumference: 20-28 cm

L - Neck Strap: 26-42 cm Muzzle Circumference: 22-32 cm

XL - Neck Strap: 28-46 cm Muzzle Circumference: 22-34 cm

Pawise Muzzle