-A traditional Scandinavian pattern with bright and modern colours
-Keeps your dog warm on cool days
- A ribbed hem and collar and stretchy chest panel ensures the jumper fits snugly and is easy to put on and remove
-The Nordic Jumper can be used as a stylish insulator in cold weather or as a base layer underneath any Ancol coat
-Features a harness hole for easy harness attachment
-The Nordic Jumper is available in two modern colour options: Lime green and bright orange
-Nordic Coats in matching colours are available, allowing your dog to lao layer up in style in chilly weather
This jumper is 100% acrylic and can be hand or machine washed in cool water
-Available in various sizes:
XS: Length 25cm / Girth 30-40cm
S: Length 30cm / Girth 36-46cm
M: Length 40cm / Girth 42-56cm
L: Length 50cm / Girth 52-68cm

Nordic Dog Jumper - Orange