Johnsons has been famous amongst pet owners for years now, and the company has a wide inventory of products on offer, something for each pet and pet owner. One such product in their range of dog products is the Johnsons Fox Shampoo for dogs. It is specially formulated to solve the problem of dogs who love to roll themselves in less than pleasant substances, e.g. mud and animal waste.

Johnsons formulated this Fox Shampoo to, especially, help eliminate unpleasant smells and stains. It is high in quality and a great pet shampoo suitable for regular use. This shampoo is formulated with effective ingredients that include Pro-Vitamin B5 to help condition your dog's coat whilst cleansing. Johnsons Fox Shampoo is also effective against cow, horse, fox, and rabbit poo, keeping your dog not only clean but helping him to smell completely fresh. At the same time, this dog shampoo also keeps your pooch's coat in a healthy condition, so they look their best every day.

Johnsons Fox Shampoo 200ml

SKU: 353447
  • Johnson's shampoos are very effective. This shampoo is also easy to use: Shake the dog shampoo bottle well before use, then dilute the shampoo before use at a ratio of 30ml to 150ml of warm water for a medium-sized pet dog. On your pup's wet coat, massage the mixture well into the coat and use your fingertips to clean all over. Just avoid contact with your dogs eyes, ears, and mouth. Rinse properly and towel dry, followed by combing and brushing using a gentle bristle brush. This shampoo not just cleanses and conditions, but also deodorises the dog's coat.